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Yasmin Mogahed

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Yasmin Mogahed
As I complete another year of my life, there’s a lot going on inside me. It’s hard to judge motion. Our journey through this life is not a journey of ‘accomplishments’. It’s a journey of the heart. One can move from worldly position to worldly position, but if the heart is unchanged, there was no movement at all. Like a person running on a treadmill, he has tired himself—but moved nowhere. I ask Allah to protect me from such a deception. I ask Allah to remake my heart, to beautify and rectify it. I ask to finally be free. Because my heart is so enslaved and covered with chains. I ask Allah to change me and forgive me for all my deficiencies. And I ask for your forgiveness and your duaas. We are all struggling, stumbling, trying desperately to make it back Home. I love you all for the sake of Allah.

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True Story :

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//i know some muslim teach it's good but curse the Jews,the Christian and to order killed person who want to convert to other religion is really cruel.//

If Any Muslim is teaching something wrong,this does not mean all muslim teach same thing.

If 1 Muslim teaching reflets the teaching way of all muslims,then i can claim 1 stupid girl views on all christian girls.

Just Read this and imagine What kind of Teaching she was given ?

True Story :

I am based in the United Kingdom and a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God here in the UK. I am a 24-year-old Nigerian girl. I have lived in the UK for over five years, running into my 6th year already. However, as it is generally held, “life is not always smooth and straight” I understand that life, most of the time is full of ‘zig and zag’ just like it’s characterized with ups and downs. My story is not different after all.

I have had my good times too, and I consider this time as my most trying moment.

I am writing this note, not exactly because I regret my action of taking full control of a married Pastor, but because I have sensed something that is really not going to work for me in the most positive way, if I keep this pregnancy. I don’t regret my action because I understand that pastors too are human beings, and have the same feelings like the rest of us. He slept with me, got me impregnated; so what?

However, a little of the background will giveyou an insight into how it all started. I understand that as human beings, we cannot cheat nature. I’m one of the Choristers in the church, and there is this magnet that pulls the pastor and I together. It is like a magnetic force. However, he had explained to me in the most pathetic way one day on how the wife had starved him of sex for months all in the name of spirituality.He only said that passively anyway. He also complained bitterly, while I listened with superlative attention on how the wife hardly ever satisfy him on bed. I actually wanted to satisfy him, as I’m such an emotional and considerate person. I am verysure God won’t judge me negatively becauseof my kind gesture. I only tried to satisfy a man who was dying of hunger, he was been starved of sex and I had to leave spirituality behind to get him satisfied.

I remember how it all started, and like a Hollywood movie, the scenes reeled from one to the other and we had our fun in different hotels after every church meeting. I must always wait for the Pastor who will convey me to my house. After all, he is a pastor, and no one would suspect that any ‘dirty’ romance was going on between us. Heconfessed that I had made him feel like a woman, and I was just proud of myself. I willalways node in exhilaration knowing very well that if I can satisfy another man, then I can satisfy my man. This is something every young lady should be proud of. I am not trying to patronize my action, but only being reasonable about some sensitive sexual matters.

Yes, we did, and since then, I have been excommunicated from the church. In fact, the whole thing remained secret until he gotme impregnated, and I confronted him for an abortion. To my consternation, he refutedmy suggestion; he wanted me to keep the baby. I had moved against it. I had given himreasons why I shouldn’t keep the baby. I don’t want to jeopardize my dream of getting married at the age of 26 which is just less than a year. I told him that I must get rid of the baby. But he has vowed to sue me if I do. He is happy that at least what he had waited for endlessly since he got married in 2000 has come to fruition as God has finally opened the doors through me.

Yes, he never had a child since he got married, and age is really not on his side. I can’t get his words off my head; “ I want thisbaby like yesterday” he said.
This disagreement has put me in the public glare today as my close friends whom I divulged the situation to, had reported the matter to the church committee, and I have since been excommunicated. Everybody talks about me as if I have done something so strange. My concern really is not about what people are saying but to get a little piece of your advice on whether I should keep the baby against my wish, or go for an abortion.

I know what I want but I still need your advice in order to justify the action I’m about to take. In the next five days, I should be able to take a major decision. Thank you for publishing my story. Culled from Daily Post.



So,Mr Last Man...We can What a Great teaching Christian Family have given to girl,even after involving in sin ,she feels proud.

I Hope You don;t teach such stupidity ...

Next Blaming 1 Person act on All Muslims or Islam..then know that i can also do that.


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