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‏‏‎Unofficial: Peacetv: A Solution For Humanity‎‏ و‏‎Khaja Kj‎‏‏.
Praise be to Allah:
Beyond the lote tree, the upmost boundary is a place where, apart from one exception, no human has ever been. The night journey and ascension through the heavens culminated in Prophet Muhammad moving past the upmost boundary and standing in the presence of Almighty God. Beyond the lote tree is the realm of the hereafter, Paradise, and the throne of God and God himself.
The word miraculous does not go far enough in describing what a wonder this must have been for Prophet Muhammad. It is beyond description and beyond imagining. However, the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) did not see God with his eyes, as God tells us in the Quran.
“No vision can grasp Him.” (Quran 6:103)
One of the companions asked Prophet Muhammad directly if he saw God, to which he answered,
Sahi Muslim Ch 79 Bk 1, Number 0341:
It is narrated on the authority of Abu Dharr: I asked the
Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him): Did you see thy
Lord? He said: “He is veiled by light, how could I see him.”?
Bk 1, Number 0342:
Abdullah b. Shaqiq reported: I said to Abu Dharr: Had I seen
the Messenger of Allah, I would have asked him. He (Abu Dharr)
said: What is that thing that you wanted to inquire of him? He
said: I wanted to ask him whether he had seen his Lord. Abu
Dharr said: I, in fact, inquired of him, and he replied: I saw


Unity is the Key to remaining Steadfast in Islam - English - Salim Morgan


Calling Christians
30 RSV Bible scholars of highest eminence backed by 50 cooporation denominations removed the word "begotten" in their bible as a fabrication not to be attributed to God.
Jn 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
"He beget not nor is He begotten" (Q 112:3)

The Day You Die ...

Unofficial: Peacetv: A Solution For Humanity
The Day You Die ...
You Won't Have To Do anyThing ...
People Will Do EveryThing For You ... !!!
They Will Be There ...
Taking Your Clothes Off ... Bathing ...
Wrapping Your Body With a Shroud ...
Informing Others That You're No More !!!
Many People Will Come to Your Funeral ...
Most Of Them Will Leave Their Work & Come ...
They Will Be The Same Ones Who Never Thought ...
Of advising You Or Showing You The Right Path ... !!!
Your Wealth Will Go To Your Family ...
If You Did Good While UpBringing Your Children ...
They'll Pay Off Your Debts ... OtherWise
Most Of Your Belongings Will Be Disposed ...
& MayBe Some Will Be Given In Charity ... !!!
& Be Sure ...
This World Won't Be Sad That You Left ...
Nothing Will Stop ... EveryThing Will Continue ...
Just as Normal as It Is Today ... & Was Yesterday !!!
People Who Know You Will Feel Sorry ...
Friends & Close Ones Will Be Sad For Some Time ...
Your Family Will Feel Terrible For Weeks ... Months ...
& Then EveryOne Is Back To His Normal Life ...
& Simply ... You'll Be Just a Memory ... !!!
MayBe No One Will Be Worrying about You ...
When You're Left alone In Your Grave ...
Having Nothing But Your Deeds ...
Good Or Bad Ones !!!
Trust Me People Don't Even Care How You Feel Now ...
How Would You Expect Them To Worry about You When You're Left ?!
They're The Same Ones You Try Your Best To Please Today ...
Even If Costs You ... Disobeying ALLAH ... !!!
Don't Be a Fool ...
Except ALLAH ...
No One Deserves To Be Pleased ...
Not Even YourSelf ... !!!
Death Is Never The End ...
It's Just The Real Begining ...
It's a Reminder To Me First ...
BeCause Honestly ...
I Came To Realize Many Things ...
I Wasn't aware about ...
No One Deserves ... & Nothing Worth !!!
Try Your Best To Please ALLAH ...
& Don't Care about The Rest Of The World !!!

The Evidence that Muhammad (ﷺ) is a Prophet of God - (part 3) - Dr. Laurence Brown

How Brother Khalil reverted to Islam...........

‏‏‎Revert To Islam‎‏ و‏‎Aisha Changgai‎‏‏.
How Brother Khalil reverted to Islam...........
Well to begin I was running the streets at an early age. I was getting drunk and smoked marijuana by age 14. Started hustling and gangbanging by 15. I was wild and ignorant and felt like I could do whatever I wanted and there were no consequences for my actions. At age 17 I dropped out of high school and went to the streets full time. At 18 I shot somebody and got sentenced to jail for 6 years. I got released after four years for good behavior . I had turned my life around somewhat. I didn't hustle anymore. Didn't gangbang. Worked full time and went to a community college. But I was still under state custody and had rules I had to follow. One was a 10 o clock curfew, which I violated so they sent me back to prison for the 2 years I owed. So my first day back in prison ( I was only out for 7 months ) I was in my prison cell thinking to myself " what am I doing back here" I was doing so good (or I thought I was) . I was in community college and working full time fresh out from doing four years in prison! I started to ask myself a question. A question everybody in this world will eventually ask themselves. I asked myself “"what is my purpose in life"? I knew my purpose wasn't going in and out of prison. So right when I am thinking that, asking myself what is my purpose? They yell "Islamic services" over the intercom. Alhamdullilah. So ....my mother would always write me and tell me to find Jesus and my father would always write me and tell me to find god. But I did the whole church thing, choir boy when I was younger, Sunday school, church every Sunday. But I didn't feel it you know. So I decided see what they were talking about at Islamic services. I didn't even know what I was doing. I thought I was going to the Nation of Islam services cause that's all I knew. So I listened to the khutbah ...it was Friday.... And when I didn't hear anything about Farrakhan or white people being the devil ( which I'm glad I didn't because I could not accept the fact that white people were the devil as I have white cousins). So when I didn't hear Farrakhan or white devils I asked somebody and was told that this is Islam and they are something else. So the imam, Abdul-Latif Sackor ( May Allah reward that brother) gave me a Quran in English to read. Wallahi, I read it in 6 days. I didn’t go to chow and stayed in my cell most of the day reading. The other inmates thought I was scared to come out of my cell. I was scared, butof something they were not mindful of. I was scared because I didn't want to go to hellfire. A’ oudhu billaahi min-nar. My concept of hellfire before Islam was just a place where , yeah I would be deprived of some of the stuff the people of heaven would get but that would be ok because I would have my homies with me. Subhana Allah. How foolish I was. After I read the Qur’an, I recognized the truth in it. I thought about how my life was about to change and that I would probably be judged but I said who cares. I have been judged my whole life for bad things I have done and I don't care if I am judged for doing something that I know is good , something that is right. So I told the imam I want to be a part of this. I took my shahada on Sept 11, 2010 That was either eid al fitr or the day after. I got transferred to another prison a month later where we had a small ummah of like 30 brothers and a Muslim chaplain from the streets. He was of Syrian and he taught me how to read and write Arabic and memorize some of the Quran. May Allah reward that brother. I miss him dearly. Thanks to the sister who encouraged me to share this story. As I told her every time I write or talk about my story it strengthens my iman and reminds me that Allah chose me. As he has also chose all of you. ALLAHU AKBAR!
Allah says in the Qur’an “ Fabi ayyi alaa ee rabbikuma tukathibaan?”

Four things that make your body sick;

Islam Religion
Four things that make your body sick;
1) Excessive talking.
2) Excessive sleeping.
3) Excessive eating.
4) Excessive meeting other people.
Four things that increases the wetness of face and happiness;
1) Piety.
2) Loyalty.
3) Generosity.
4) Being helpful to others without being asked.
Four things that stop Rizq (sustenance);
1) Sleeping in the morning (between Fajr and sunrise.)
2) Being irregular in prayers (Tariqu salah)
3) Laziness/idleness.
4) Treachery/dishonesty.
Four things that increase Rizq (sustenance);
1) Staying awake in the night for prayers.
2) Excessive repentance.
3) Regular charity.
4) Zikr (Remembrance of ALLAH)
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دور الجنه

كلما ضاقت


Fortress of the Muslim (AUSTRALIA)
The real words of the Bible; talking about
"Rasulullah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)".
The fall of Christianity

remember ...alone

Sheikh Khalid Yasin
Remember You Were Born Alone, You Will Die Alone and You Shall Be Judged ALONE. Be Wise And Make The Best Choices For Your Akhirah For It Is Eternal & This Dunyah Is Temporary!!!

Konw the Sunnah of our prophet Muhammed peace be upon him

تمت مشاركة ‏منشور‏ ‏دار الاسلام‏ من قبل ‏‎Koki Noor‎‏.
دار الاسلام
Konw the Sunnah of our prophet Muhammed peace be upon him
Ablution before Ghusl: 'Aishah, radiallahu 'anha narrates that the Prophet of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wa salam: "Used to, if he wishes to wash from janaabah (complete impurity), began by washing his hands, then would do ablution as he would for salah, then he would enter his fingers into the water, and would touch the roots of his hair with it, then would pour (water) over his head with his palms, and then would let water cover his entire body" [al-Bukhaari: 248]

‎Muslims‬ do not worship the black stone

‏‏Anti-Atheism ( مكافحة الالحاد)‏ و‏‎Rahma Ally‎‏‏.
‪#‎Muslims‬ do not worship the black stone. They regard the stone as a created thing. The most fundamental principle of Islam is that nothing or no one is to be worshipped except Allah, the one true God.
Muslims who can afford the journey are required once in their lifetime to visit the House of Worship in Makkah. This was the first house built for the worship of the one true God. It was constructed by Abraham and his son Ishmael, peace be upon them. The black stone was brought to them from heaven by the angel Gabriel to function as a corner stone. It was thus affixed in one corner.
Because Muslims kiss that stone, some observers hastily conclude that Muslims worship it. A kiss, however, is not an act of worship unless it is accompanied by an intention to worship. If you kiss your child, for instance, that does not mean you worship your child.
Some may find it strange that Muslims should treat a stone with respect. But this is not just any old stone. It is an item out of paradise.
The act of fixing a stone to mark a place of worship is as old as history. In the Bible we are told that Jacob, on whom be peace, had fixed a stone at a place where he saw a vision. He poured oil on it and called it Bethel meaning 'house of God' (see Genesis 28:18). He did this again upon God's instruction (see Genesis 35:1, 14, 15). No one should understand from this that God instructed Jacob to worship the stone. (Shabir Ally, Common Questions People Ask About Islam, p. 46)
The Black stone is not worshipped by the pilgrims:
Muslims go to Makkah to glorify God, not to kiss a stone or worship a man or a semi-divinity. Kissing or touching the Black Stone at the Ka`bah is an optional action, not obligatory or prescribed. Those who kiss the Black Stone or touch it do not do it because they have faith in the Stone or attribute any superstitious qualities to it. Their faith is in God only. They kiss, touch or point at the Stone only as a token of respect or a symbol of love for Prophet Muhammad, who laid the Stone at the foundation of the Ka`bah when it was reconstructed. (1)

Metodología Histórica Moderna vs. Metodología del Hadiz (parte 1 de 5): La metodología histórica occidental - La religión del Islam

فہم اسلام کا تصویری گائ - انگريزی زبان - ابراہیم ابو حرب

The Corruption of the Torah.

Reviving The Lost Sunnah

قناة الهدى
aise be to Allah),' and his brother or his companion should say to him: `Yarhamuk-Allah (may Allah have mercy on you).' When he says this he should reply: `Yahdikum-ullah wa yuslihu balakum (may Allah guide you and render sound your state of affairs).''' [Al-Bukhari]


Why do Muslims follow the lunar calendar instead of the solar calendar?

Why do Muslims follow the lunar calendar instead of the solar calendar?
1. As per the Solar calendar, every year the months fall in the same respective seasons of that location. For example, the months of March, April and May in India will always have summer, while July, August, September will always have monsoons i.e. rains in western India. November, December and January will always have winter.
2. In the lunar calendar in different years the months fall in a different season.
The lunar calendar has about 11 days less than the solar calendar. Thus, every year, the month of the lunar calendar occurs 11 days prior to what it had occurred in the previous solar year. Thus, in a span of about 33 lunar years a human being will experience all the different seasons for one particular month of the lunar calendar. This is very important because the yearly activities of a Muslim are based on the lunar calendar. Certain months like Ramadhan and Hajj are very important to the Muslims. During Ramadhan a Muslim has to fast which includes abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. If the Islamic months were based on the solar calendar where the seasons were fixed, then people living in certain parts of the world would have Ramadhan in summer while in other parts of the world it would be winter. Some Muslims would have to fast for a longer period of time where the days are long while other Muslims would have to fast for shorter period of time where the days are short. If the seasons did not change, then Muslims living in some parts of the world may feel that they are at a disadvantage throughout their lives.
By following the lunar calendar, every Muslim has a taste of fasting in different seasons and for a different time period, in a span of about 33 years of his life.
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So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

‏‏‎Dr. Bilal Philips‎‏ مع ‏‎Mariam Beekawa‎‏ و‏‏41‏ آخرين‏‏.
So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?
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#QuranRecitation - Yasser al Dossary - « Et quand Mes serviteurs t’interrogent sur Moi.. alors Je suis tout proche »

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