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How To Give Dawah To Christians

you and ur deeds


Took my two older sons to NYC this weekend. We flew in and I decided that we'll take the bus. We wait about 30 minutes for the M60 to arrive and by now the boys are struggling to keep their excited sense of anticipation alive as 30 minute to these boys feels longer than spring break itself. They got on, eyes glazed with a sense of adventure, only to discover that the bus is jam packed. There is barely room to stand. We have our luggage too and when the bus starts moving they realize what their Aba (that's what they call me) meant when he said hold on to the yellow bar. Both almost fall back with the buses abrupt acceleration but I knew they would so I positioned myself already to be their buffer. 10 minutes in...aba how much longer? 20 minutes...Aba I'm tired. Aren't there any seats? I make a seat our their suitcase for them and also teach them lessons I learned so many years ago when I lived here. Keep your feet apart boys, one back and one front, and keep your knees slightly bent. That way when the bus driver stops suddenly you won't trip. By the time we reach the city I figure they've had enough. We get off on 124 and take a cab from there. But all this while, my mind wasn't just on the boys. My mind was on memories made in this city that are more valuable at this stage in my life than perhaps they ever were.
Wake up at 530. Get to the bus stop on 108 and 63 in rego park by 615. If the bus is too jam packed or if it's too late, you're gonna run to continental avenue and queens blvd because the store opens up at 8 and the manager wants you at 730 in Coney Island. A couple of slip ups and that almost impossible to get job, that pays 4.25 cents an hour, will be gone. If that job goes, so do the chances of continuing college next semester. The physical grind of commute, the rough and almost inhumane treatment of the store manager, the coarse demeanor of customers, the decision whether to eat a slice or two slices because that might impact tomorrow's lunch and dinner budget...this is the life I've left behind. But this is the life of so many still and probably by comparison, I had it easy.
I wanted to capture these fleeting thoughts because I wanted to thank my father for instilling in me the value of struggle. I also wanted to give a shout out to all the struggling hard working men and women out there and especially the teens who had to become adults far too soon. Much respect. It was therapeutic getting on the M60 and to remember what I means to stand despite exhaustion alongside strangers trying not to think about the aches in your feet and back while keeping your wobbly body upright as the bus driver does his best to top you over (or so one feels). I wanted to use this as an opportunity to remind young people to put themselves in struggle. To actually enjoy the discomfort of hard work. To find dignity in even the most meager salary and to have the remarks of their prophet SAW carved on their hearts...
‎ ما أكل أحد طعاماً قط خير من أن يأكل من عمل يديه،
 No one has ever had a bite of food better than the one he earned with the labor of his own hands.
Thanks NYC.
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قصة شيخ من بلاد الجمهوريات الروسية طلب العلم عن بعد بمقدار 5000 ساعة من موقع الشيخ ابن عثيمين!

He stole some money from his family when he was younger; can he return it to them by spending on them?

He stole some money from his family when he was younger; can he return it to them by spending on them?
My husband (whom I recently married) and I live along with his parents. When he was younger he used to take money from his parents' cupboard without their permission. He is attempting to save as much of his salary as he can every month to repay it. However, he is not giving them any money to contribute in household expenses because he is saving this debt repayment money. 1. When replacing the money, does he have to tell them he took it? 2. Instead of saving it and putting it back in their cupboard, can he just give them money to contribute for household expenses until he repays this debt/as debt repayment? Some of the money he took may have been from a sadaqah envelope - should he return that and repay the rest as household expenses? Jazakallah khairan for your time and effort.
Praise be to Allah
We put this question to our Shaykh, ‘Abd ar-Rahmaan al-Barraak (may Allah preserve him) and he replied:
It is sufficient for him to spend on them with the intention of paying off what he owes them, and in fact he will have been spending on them from their money, and he does not have to tell them the real situation. End quote.
For more information, please see the answer to question no. 129779.
And Allah knows best.
Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid


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Assalamu alaikum, malam ina da tambaya, Dan Allah idan mace ta yi barin ciki na wata biyu wannan jinin ya zaka na ciwo ko zata daina azumi sallah
To dan'uwa wannan jini ba zai hana sallah da azumi ba, saboda ba jinin haihuwa ba ne, malamai suna cewa : duk cikin da ya zube kafin halittar mutum ta bayyana, to ba zai hana sallah da azumi ba, halittar mutum tana bayyana ne daga 80-90 daga samuwar ciki, saboda haka duk cikin ya da ya zube kafin haka, to jininsa, ba zai hana sallah ba, ba zai hana azumi ba, amma mutukar an busawa yaro rai ko kuma halittarsa ta fara bayyana, to za'a bar sallah da azumi.
Allah ne mafi sani.
Dr. Jamilu Zarewa.

jesus and god

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‏‏‎Peace-Islam: A Solution For Humanity‎‏ و‏‎Muhammad Ibrahim Abubakar‎‏‏.
When the ambassador of peace is maligned and unjustly derogated, it's about time we take a stand.
We are up against a swirl of evil... evil that is threatening to disintegrate the harmony and accord embedded in our society, fight it tooth and nail, and bar its very existence. So why should we sit on the sidelines, watching, while injustice takes its toll? Why must we not speak out for this torchbearer of truth? For Truth itself?
Dr Zakir Naik, an icon of global peace and unity, has been baselessly censured and attacked by those afraid of the truth, who wish to suppress its rising strength. A rational, unbiased person will unhesitantly agree, on solid, logical and evidence-backed grounds that terrorism is wholly contrary to Dr Zakir himself. Yet, the haters of the truth continue to hurl false accusations at this man of truth, coupled with misquotes and misrepresentations: aiming to ignite communal discord in a peaceful nation.
On account of the same, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti on their website, and Sudarshan News on their TV Channel, from the 26th of November to the 2nd of December 2012 , telecasted a program 'Zakir Ka Parda Faash', containing blatant lies, out-of-context clippings, deceitful and dishonest contortions and abusive language. The out-and-out intentions of the organizers are evidently provocative and obstinate, in order to propel hatred, vengeance and misunderstanding within a multi-cultural democratic base of India, disrupting peace.
You can watch the clippings on
Isn't it ironical that India, a country rooted in peace, should watch its democracy being butchered through such evils, and do nothing about it?
Signing this petition will help you contribute to a just cause, and reinforce the establishment of the truth. This will ensure the advancement of our entreaty to the Home and Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Prime Minister of India.
Our conscience will not allow us to be mere bystanders in the face of such vice and villainy; and we shall stand for the victory of Truth. Justice will win through.
InSha Allah

If you want

Peace-Islam: A Solution For Humanity
If you want your life to go in order: remember your prayers in order.
If you want to be at places on time: pray your prayers on time.
If you want ALLAH to be there: be there for ALLAH when you pray.
If you want to feel important: make your prayers important.
If you want to be a better person: fix your prayers.
If your life is not going as planned, look to your prayers.
Perfect them and your problems will seem minuscule IN SHAA ALLAH.

Shade on Yawm al-Qiyamah:

Peace-Islam: A Solution For Humanity
There are seven people whom Allah will give protection with His Shade on Yawm al-Qiyamah:
1. A just ruler
2. Youth who grew up with the worship of Allah
3. A person whose heart is attached to the mosques
4. Two persons who love and meet each other and depart from each other for the sake of Allah
... 5. A man, whom a beautiful woman of high rank, seduces (for illicit relation), but he rejects and says, “I fear Allah.”
6. A person who gives charity and conceals it (to such an extent) that the right hand does not know what the left has given
7. A person who remembers Allah in private and sheds tears
[Reported in Sahih Muslim, #2248] may ALLAH swt grant us His shade on the day of judgement !!aameen ya ALLAH

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