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Who you are...in BRINGING UP YOUR CHILD : Al Kahf : 80

Who you are...in BRINGING UP YOUR CHILD : Al Kahf : 80
A deep insight in the upbringing of your child. Mukhtar Ahmed jamee, Jeddah.
 Whenever I see a well behaved and a happy carefree youngster, then without a doubt I know that his father is a good pious person.
It testifies with the quraan Surah KAHF ayaat " the 2 boys father was pious" (و كان ابوهما صالحا).
If the father is pious then the children begin to reap the benefits in this world*.
Doctor Nabeel Awdah says " whenever I feel lazy and down in performing my nawaafil (Optional prayers),
then I remember the difficulties of (bringing up) my children and worldly matters
( ie the fitnah /bad influence etc)" that it shouldn't be due to my laziness in performing optional prayers that my children are inflicted with problems.
The happiness, freedom of our children and their safety from problems in this world depends on our (parents) piety and good deeds.
Everyone wishes that their children are pious and obedient but nothing happens with just wishing, for this to happen we as parents also have to be pious and practicing Muslims
When Abdullah ibn Mas’ood RA use to pray nawafil at night and would see his small children sleeping then he would say " this is for your bright future" and whilst crying would recite "the 2 boys father was pious" (و كان ابوهما صالحا).
The condition of Saeed ibn alMusayab was similar, he says " I pray, then when I remember my child I increase in my prayers". Looking at the
long story in surah Kahf we come to the same conclusion that if the father is pious then his children gain benefit from it*
Doctor Nabeel Awdah says;
I have a friend who has a good government post in Kuwait but everyday he takes out a few hours to do beneficial/good actions.
I once told him that if you show more interest and put more effort in your job than you will get a promotion and earn more respect.
▶He replied " my friend, you know that I'm a father of 6 and most of them are boys. I fear that they do not go astray and go unto the wrong path.
From the time I read the explanation of "the 2 boys father was pious" (و كان ابوهما صالحا)
I have dedicated some time during the day, for voluntary good deeds and I see the great benefits of it in my sons.
Do you want your children to be God fearing and obedient?
Make yourself God fearing and a practicing Muslim, spend some time of your life in good voluntary actions because the hadith states "Allah Ta’aala will aid His slave so long as he aids his brother".